About Us & Industry Awareness

Reliable Containers stands behind our name “Reliable”. 80% of container buyers will only purchase one container and never need another. Once they buy that one container from the wrong company it is too late. They will either receive a container thats not up to their standards, feeling misled. The container could take months to arrive while your phone calls are avoided, or you finally lose hope and are lucky enough to cancel your order to get a refund.

When ordering a container from Reliable you will get a confirmed delivery date the same day of order placement! Most companies are professional order takers, looking to process funds then move onto the next sale, meanwhile missing the biggest part of the process,”scheduling the arrival of your container and delivering it you to as fast as possible”. Some companies even go as far as promising a delivery date knowing the container will not arrive on your schedule.

Reliable Containers believes in honesty which is very hard to come by these days in any business. Not only does this ensure that you receive the container you expect and envisioned but it makes us feel better about what we have to offer. We only want happy clients but also thrive on referrals and reorders. By listening to your concerns, you will receive the container you ordered whether it is Wind & Water Tight, As Is, Cargo Worthy & New 1 Trip. We will not always be the cheapest out here when shopping for the lowest price, but we will do our due diligence to get you the best price possible. Most of all, we have the passion of doing the right thing for our customers and it shows, with all of our clients reactions after we deliver. Repeat customers and referrals is our ultimate goal.

Please feel free to contact us with your container needs, 7 days a week.888-262-2505