(New) 1 Trip Containers

These are the “cream of the crop” containers! We have them in stock for that specific application when you want the best! The reason they are specified “One Tripper” is because they have been brought over with one cargo load, emptied and sold to the American public, this is as good as it gets! When considering a container, we have all sizes available from 20′ 40′ 40’high cube & 45’s.


Modifications & Paint

As you can see we can paint a used container and make it pretty close to looking like a NEW One Trip Container. It will still have the normal wear & tear of a used container with a whole new makeover. You can save a considerable amount of money taking this route. We have many colors to choose from. Please let us know what you have in mind. As for modifications, we can do any size roll up doors, custom cargo doors, windows, man doors, electrical packages, side vents, flooring, HVAC, turbines & of course lock boxes. If there is a particular mod you have in mind, please do not hesitate to ask and we will get one of our professional fabricators to work their magic.


Cargo Worthy

The term “Cargo Worthy” truly means the container has been inspected and has passed inspection for overseas shipping, If you are looking to purchase a container and use it for overseas transport, please let us know and we will have one certified for you with all the corresponding paperwork, and we will provide the certification paperwork prior to delivery.

Quite often, our clients will not use them for overseas transport but they want a newer container that is not an “eyesore”. These are the containers you should steer towards. They will be newer and much less wear and tear than a Wind & Water Tight, if you concerned about the cosmetics of your container. We prefer a cargo worthy container whether it’s certified or not and of course we have all sizes in stock from 20′ 40′ 40’high cube & 45’s.


Wind & Water Tight

This is the container that most first time buyers ask for. The term “Wind & Water Tight” means the container has no holes. These are great for the customer that is not concerned how the container looks, but wants their belongings to be safe from the elements. You yourself or we can offer to give these an exterior paint job. WWT will vary in factory colors and typically still have shipping logos on them. If this is the container for you, and you would like to save a few hundred dollars, we have all sizes in stock.


As Is

These will be our “bottom of the line” containers that have no guarantees, 75% of them will be wind & water tight but 25% will have holes. These are perfect for someone that plans on modifying them for a custom idea or for that someone that does not mind putting in some elbow grease to make them WWT. More often than not, these will have pretty HEAVY rust. NO GUARANTEES NO INSPECTION & SOLD AS IS.



Damaged containers are a rare breed. These could be crushed in on the sides and roof and some might have damage to the doors. These will be your cheapest, metal box container you can find and will require a good amount of work to get them functional. We have access to these if you are interested.