I just wanted to let you know that the Boss loves the container. Thanks and
I will let you know if we need another one.

J Reed – Houston Texas

William, Just letting you know everything went smoothly. This driver was even better than the last. He could place it on a dime if I wanted.

Thanks again. I will be in touch when I am ready for the next 🙂

D. Crellen – Fred TX

A big thanks to William for his assistance in purchasing my two 20′ containers. They were delivered and arrived in the condition he said they would be in. There were no suprises. I am pleased. Thanks William!

S. Meaux – Bloomington Texas

Hi Jeff,
Hope all is well.
The container was delivered yesterday.
The driver was a great guy! Helpful and nice. The container looks good and was put right were we wanted it.
Your containers were less than the others companies and you and your delivery guy were a lot nicer then most!
Thanks for your help. We will definitely recommend your company to others!
C.J. Hamilton Rancho – Cucamonga, Ca

I needed a storage container and searched the Internet high and low.
I came across multiple Craigslists ads, everyone claiming to have the best prices and best containers.
I buy and sell stuff on craigslist all the time and am aware of people always trying to scam people so I was very hesitant on making a deal on a container that I could not see in person. I talked to William multiple times, explaining exactly what I wanted and what I expected.
I told him I needed a nice container because I would be seeing it everyday in my backyard and I didn’t want some beat to hell container that looked like it fell off the ship.
The container I wanted was difficult to find but William found one that suited my needs.
I did have a second set of doors added to the center of the container, I really could not afford to do it at the time but I am glad I did.
I also arranged to have the piece of metal that was cut out for the doors, and some additional paint to be sent along with the container so I could make a smaller door if I felt so inclined later.
The delivery was right on time. The driver was very good at getting the container where I needed it.
I have a 100′ drive way, the driveway is 9′ wide, the container is 8′ wide……it was a tight fit.
All in All, I am very happy with the container and the way the transaction was handled. I doubt I will ever need another container, but If I did I wouldn’t hesitate to call on William again.

George B. – Bakersfield Ca.

William and Reliable Containers gets a 10 out of 10. We got a very personalized service, we had contact right up to delivery, including a follow-up call to make sure we were completely satisfied. Great pricing with no hidden costs!


Bill – Orange County Ca.